Previously, in order to have the desired outcomes, the calculations were had to be carried out by more than one platforms and this would result in the production of the data with low accuracy and less sensitivity or result in time loss caused by the long periods of time way above the acceptable durations.

This application is a GIS-based desktop software which is developed for making of hydrological calculations as a base for all infrastructure works, especially in the Agricultural Land Consolidation projects in Turkey. With Leosis GIS based Hydrological Water Management software, all actions can be performed on a single platform, such as determining the boundaries of the basin, calculating the flow, sizing the artifacts and slopes. Projects can be completed with maximum precision in a very short period.

Leosis GIS based Hydrological Water Management software takes place in 50% of agricultural land consolidation projects as well as 20% of water management projects in total and increasing its market share steadily.