Geographical Information Systems

The most well-known applications of geographical information systems are Urban Information Systems and Infrastructure Information Systems, which have certain pre determined rules and database designs. However, Geographic Information Systems are highly necessary for all public bodies and institutions including local administrations and private entities in the field. Those systems have critical roles in their certain needs and requirements, such as performance improvement efforts of the institutions in their internal affairs, correspondence within the sub-units in improving information flow especially for the conditions requiring prompt reaction with complete and quality information from the field.

The critical part here is determining the needs of those bodies and providing them with proper analysis. Depending on the results of the analysis made, workflows will be set, software will be configured to fit in the workflows, and/or new applications will be developed and database designs will be made. Proper management of these processes is also significant as it will directly affect the expected efficiency of the whole system as well.In this context, we provide turnkey solutions by carrying out project processes including system installation, data entry and data management, fulfilling all the work and responsibilities required by the project.