Agricultural Land Consolidation projects comprise of many sub-projects in different engineering fields. During the implementation of the project, a large number of GIS-based data layers and statistical data are generated. These big sized lumped data progress on a particular timeline and checked by the control engineers at frequent intervals, often repeated 3 times.

In order to set a quality standard and provide transparency to the projects, those projects have to be supervised by a control system with strong technical background and a predefined set of rules.

Contractor company managers and staff;

  • They may see the results of standard data checks of all data they upload and may not be subject to unnecessarily extended control periods due to these basic errors,
  • Advanced controls will gain significant time in total project time as they will be able to complete their mistakes in a single control process so that they will be reported with all the details after inspection by the Control engineers.

Control engineers;

  • Will not waste time as they will be done by automatically with basic technical controls control system
  • Each of the advanced controls will not be spending any time outside the acceptable limits with the controls made by the Control System except those where the control engineer needs to interpret differently due to the regional conditions and needs to be interpreted by the control engineer.
  • In this view, control times will be reduced by 80% and all projects will be controlled with high standards and a certain quality standard will be achieved.
  • Depending on the timeline for each project, data sets and reports generated automatically by the system will also provide a comparison with each new incoming hacker that will be stored in the system at any time.

Senior management;

  • All the data submitted by the contracting companies carrying out the projects, the application for the right to claim and the time of the inspection will be presented by the reviewer, the results of the inspection, the results of the inspection, and the status of payment in a snapshot and retrospective summary management notes and schedules.
  • Senior managers will be able to monitor the progress reports of all projects on time and / or region basis and the performance of certain one or more contractor firms or institution personnel through this system, as well as monitor details of a specific project through these mobile and web applications.