Our Industrial Automation & GIS Integration System Software is a complete set of software which enables real time monitoring of the parameters such as, pressure, flow rate, weight load, electric load etc. in structures requiring continuous monitoring suchlike Oil & Gas pipelines, water pipelines, pumping stations, pressurized irrigation systems and their control stations, power grids, transformer substations, various kinds of industrial facilities and so forth.


Scope of application:

• Pressurized irrigation systems for agriculture,

• City networks; electricity, drinking water,

• Oil and natural gas pipelines



• The development of a whole suite of server-client software for automation systems, which would eliminate the need for coding from scratch for each project,

• Only some instant and current data that can be obtained with automation systems can be stored in appropriate environment and used in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

• Development of interface software that will enable the integration of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Automation systems,

• To allow GIS to be used as a monitoring and control system at the same time,

• Regulated reports; the desired reports are sent automatically by mail, fax,

• Notification of dangerous situations by means of mail, fax and sms with warning application,

• Management and control with field management software running on PLC and PC,

• Data and field management and communication with external systems with central management software running on the server.