About Us

Leosis is started in May 2009 with the ideas of creating a quality business management, human & value-oriented working environment, with an experienced team of software project management, technical management and specialized software development positions in leading companies in the industry for many years.

Continuous Improvement

Action with the aim of “continuous improvement” in terms of engineering management and its applications.
Being a “Learning and Teaching Organization” at the same time. All departments are centers for generating information.
Continuous R & D activities are being carried out in order to improve the tools, methods and techniques used in all processes of engineering and industrial applications and to increase speed and efficiency.
Continuous customer satisfaction and preference with a clear understanding of the needs and technology utilization in its maximum.

Persistence of Perfection

Excellent management principles are turning into practical exercises for Leosis at every level.
Designing from customer relationships, from engineering studies to active applications, is based on quality and specificity principles at all stages of the process.
Effective process management techniques are applied to ensure that performance is monitored and improved at all levels.
Continuous training is essential for employees to be able to constantly improve their knowledge and experience and to be technical experts who make a difference in the sector.

Human Resources at its Best

One of the most powerful aspects of Leosis. Expert Human Resources.
Human Resources Management based on self-development and employee satisfaction and motivation.
Participative management model ensures that employees are involved in project management processes.

Leosis is aware of its social responsibilities. With the aim of spreading this awareness and being an example;
Leosis does not compromise the principle of loyalty to the ethical values in relations with its customers and stakeholders.