Who are we?

Leosis is an R&D company focusing on improving the tools, methods and techniques used in every level of industrial and engineering applications. Leosis offers its services to both public and private sector with desktop, web and mobile applications in this context. The primary areas of activity are; software development, systems design and project implementation on GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and Process Systems.
Project Development, Requirements Analysis, Systems Design, Application Development and Project Management services are also provided to the customers during/after the software development with required staff training with continuous technical support.

Land Consolidation Control System

With Leosis Land Consolidation Control System, The staff and managers of the contractors, control engineers, client executives will not face the long periods of inspections as they are going to be able to supervise the progress and make necessary corrections within a single control process. With this system, total duration for project inspections is going to be reduced by 80% enabling the users to control their projects with full scope and top notch standards.
Datasets and automatic reports generated by the software are saved in the system for further review and comparison with previous versions when needed. Additionally, Clients are going to be able to monitor the progress of a single project in detail as well as they are going to be able to monitor all projects filtered by a time period and/or a region and check the performance of contractors and relevant staff in all or certain projects.

Hydrological Water Management Application

Previously, in order to have the desired outcomes, the calculations were had to be carried out by more than one platforms and this would result in the production of the data with low accuracy and less sensitivity or result in time loss caused by the long periods of time way above the acceptable durations.
This application is a GIS-based desktop software which is developed for making of hydrological calculations as a base for all infrastructure works, especially in the Agricultural Land Consolidation projects in Turkey. With Leosis GIS based Hydrological Water Management software, all actions can be performed on a single platform, such as determining the boundaries of the basin, calculating the flow, sizing the artifacts and slopes. Projects can be completed with maximum precision in a very short period.tamamlanabilmektedir.

Software Development

While Leosis develops complete and functional process software tailored for your corporate requirements, it can also provide new and additional improvements/solutions to the present systems.
Leosis, offers its expertise and know-how to its customers from the early stages of development process, such as requirement analysis, designing software architecture and etc. in order to ensure its customers to utilize their full productivity with latest technological advancements.

Project Development

With regard to your corporate needs, work flows are being determined according to your business models and most suitable project design is being built in this direction. System design is being made with reference to the results of requirements analysis performed. A system design typically includes the elements of, such as, determining database structure, user authorization mechanisms, business process design, determining methods for generating and editing of the data and etc.
Leosis always aims to meet and strengthen the customer satisfaction with a clear understanding of needs and the use of technology in the most favorable conditions.

Drought Information System

The drought information system compares the user-defined time-to-date climatic condition with the average of previous years, region or country. Detailed information about the stations can be reported graphically or as tables.

Kindergarten Information System

With the Kindergarten Information System, you can follow up all activities with mobile and web applications between your child gets to school and leaves.

GIS based Process Management Portal

This is a GIS based Process Management Portal built for contractors undertaking superstructure and infrastructure projects and for their clients for complete supervision.
System performs the automatic controls, engineering inspections and error checks within the uploaded data and reports to the authorized users.

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